Monday, August 20, 2018

Family visit

We had a fun time with our family's visit.

Spouse's sister, son, daughter and her husband and their daughter arrived Thurs evening.  We ordered subs for dinner with chips and soda, and hung out until bedtime.

Spouse took off work on Fri so he went with them to the beach.  I had to work.  That evening we went out for Thai food, and later that night Spouse's sister's husband and other son arrived.

They all went to the beach on Sat, while I worked.  Sat evening some went to the tax-free outlet stores while the rest of us relaxed and talked.  Then we ordered in dinner again and hung out.
Our niece's daughter Gabby and Marvin

Sun morning we had coffee, juice, bagels, and fruit salad, hung out some more, and by 12 noon the family was on their way back home.

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