Friday, August 31, 2018

Labor Day weekend

This coming weekend is Labor Day weekend.  Its still 90 degrees outside but people are already filling Facebook with 'end of summer' posts and pumpkin spice everything.

I predict this will be a very low-key Labor Day weekend for us.  We don't have any weekend guests staying with us and we've not been invited to any pool parties or cookouts.  I suggested to Spouse that we fire up the grill and invite just a few friends over but he didn't want to.

I have to work on Sat and have a couple of showings on Sun morning, but am off the rest of Sun and Mon.  Of course the weather on Sun is calling for intermittent thunderstorms, so it won't be a good beach day.  Mon looks fine though.

There will likely be a lot of folks here in town for their 'last beach weekend of the summer'.  Insert me rolling my eyes.  Trust me, there will be a lot more beach weekends before summer weather is gone.  We often enjoy an Indian Summer, and I can remember 1 year where we were still sitting on the beach the 1st weekend in Nov.

Labor Day weekend does mark the end of the tourist season here, so starting next week it'll be easier for us locals to get into restaurants.

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