Wednesday, September 27, 2017

TV room update

Our TV room used to have ivory-colored furniture with red accent pillows, red curtains, and red rugs.

Several months ago we donated that furniture and got a burgundy reclining love seat in its place, and after Spouse's mom passed, Spouse wanted her burgundy reclining chair.  But despite changing the furniture, we never changed the rugs or curtains.  For months its been bugging me that the red curtains and rugs clashed with the burgundy love seat and recliner.
Last week I decided to do something about it.  I began looking at rugs on Amazon Prime, sifting through the hundreds and hundreds of options.  Eventually I stumbled upon a color/size/price combination that was perfect!  I showed it to Spouse and he agreed, so I immediately ordered 2.

The rugs arrived and I immediately rolled them out.  I like the pattern and colors even more than I thought I would!
In fact, it was quite by accident that I discovered the rug actually has the purple and turquoise colors found in the 2 occasional chairs that are also in the room.  This made me even more pleased with the purchase!

Now if I could only find some new curtains to replace those hideous red ones!  I've been searching Amazon Prime and other sites, but haven't found anything yet.  Grommet topped curtains are all the rage but I can't use them with our hardware.  86" length curtains are also much more abundant, but I need 63" length.  I know, I could by 86" length grommet topped curtains and cut off the tops to make them 63" with a rod pocket, but I don't feel like paying someone to do that after paying for new curtains.  Hopefully my patience will be rewarded.

So the curtain search continues, but we're SUPER pleased with our rug updates.


anne marie in philly said...

the new rugs brighten up the room! now it's curtains for those curtains!

Anonymous said...

I like the rug! You may have one too many chairs for that small room. Which one goes? "I know I know! I must learn to compromise".