Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Happy birthday Thad!

Today is our friend Thad's birthday.  But since its in the middle of the week, we celebrated it a few days early, over the weekend.

Spouse made chicken breasts stuffed with cream cheese and garlic, a roasted vegetable salad, and a mocha cake.
Its weird that the cake looks kinda pinkish in color.  It was actually brown!  Spouse made the icing with chocolate and coffee to get the yummy mocha flavor.

Derwin & Carolyn came too, along with Derwin's daughter Sydney and Carolyn & Derwin's daughter Quinn.  Thad is Quinn's godfather.
Since the weather was so nice we ate and spent the entire time on the screened porch.  I should have taken a picture of how nice it looked with the table clothes, coordinating dishes and glasses, and the beautiful red gladiolas Thad brought, but I didn't.

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anne marie in philly said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY THAD! you and I share the same day, but probably not the same year! smooch!