Friday, August 05, 2016


The family left yesterday afternoon, around 2:30.  But before they did, nephew Eric gave us a very nice note.

Back in June when he graduated from high school we'd sent him a graduation card with money.  Rather than a traditional 'thank you' card, he created a photo collage from his graduation trip to Portland, OR and on the back of it wrote a lovely sentiment:

Isn't that just the nicest thing ever??

He signed it "Baby Eric" because his dad's name is Eric too, so when he was a little boy we called him Baby Eric and his dad Big Eric.  Once he grew up to be 6 feet 4 inches tall I half jokingly said to him that no matter how tall he got or how old he was, he would always be Baby Eric to me, and that I would not hesitate to call him that in front of his girlfriend, future wife, and future kids.  He acknowledged this fact with a solemn nod of his head.  From that time on he's never seemed to mind the title.  And I certainly don't mind being referred to as a "pretty cool dude".


anne marie in philly said...

(sniff) how wonderful to get the "seal of approval" from a thoughtful young man!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome note! It has to make you happy to know how much you mean to your nephew.

Take care

Fearsome Beard said...