Monday, August 29, 2016

Fun weekend

We had a great weekend!

Although I did not request to be off work Sat & Sun, it just worked out that way on the scheduled. Sat morning Spouse & I met Steven for a late breakfast, then we returned home where I broke down some cardboard boxes and stuffed them into the recycling bin, which made room for me to assemble a set of garage shelves onto which I put some stuff to get it better organized.  Then I spent a little time weeding the front flower beds before taking a shower.  

Then Spouse & I went to the 5 year anniversary celebration of the Jusst Sooup Ministries facility.  We became acquainted with the Dunnings who founded and run the soup kitchen when they were our neighbors 10 years ago.  But 5 years ago they were surprised with a fabulous state-of-the-art soup kitchen facility and residence and were featured on ABC's "Extreme Make-over: Home Addition" in 2011.  The celebration was a big barbeque and a chance to visit with founders Dale & Ken whom we like so much.  

Later that evening we went out to dinner with Steven & Thad, and then I did my last Boy George performance of the summer in the Legends show.  Several colleagues from work showed up which was a big surprise.  After the show I mingled with the audience, posed for pictures, and accepted some tips!  People really, really enjoyed the Boy George/Culture Club songs and I received 2 $10 tips!!  Once my work friends left I continued chatting with some folks I met after the show.  A straight couple named John & Lucy were nice, but rather inebriated so I didn't mind at all when they said they had to go while they could still walk.  I also met a couple from Philly named Charles & John.  Actually, they're not from Philly; they moved there less than a year ago.  But Charles has been in real estate so we had that in common and both guys were a lot of fun to hang out with.  I gave them my business card and hoped they'd reach out to me, since I'd told them I was going to Philly the next day.  I didn't get home until 2am.

Then Spouse & I were up at 7:30 Sun morning so we could meet Steven & Thad at 8:30 to spend the day in Philly.  We started with a trip to Trader Joe's to stock up.  We typically go to Trader Joe's when we visit our family, but the last couple times were visited we didn't have time, so we were out of everything.  Next we went to the mid-century warehouse to oogle all the lovely pieces.  They're only open to the public twice a month, on Sundays, for 4 hours.  Spouse & I found this lovely dining table that would be perfect for our dining room since its 2 butterfly leaves make it expand to nearly double its original size.  
This table can seat 10-12, while our current dining table only seats 6.  We didn't buy the table but Spouse said if it was there in 2 weeks he'd make an offer.  I predict he'll find a way to talk himself out of that, as much as we both liked it.

Next we went to lunch at Matt & Marie's, an Italian-style sandwich shop, and then onto Century 21 department store.  I got some new underwear (to replace some old pairs) and a new wallet.  Spouse got a shirt.  We got home about 6pm.

What a great weekend!


Biki Honko said...

I adore Mid-centuy, both the houses and most of the furniture. Everything was so clean and unfussy.

Your weekend sounds lovely!

anne marie in philly said...

oh poop, you were up here and I didn't get to see you! :(

look at the design lines in that table top - diamonds! make an offer, spouse; that is a GREAT table! I don't like the chairs though.

you MUST model your new undies!