Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Family visit

Yesterday some of our family arrived for a short visit.  Spouse's mother, sister, nephew and his girlfriend arrived from the DC area around noon.  I was at work, but Spouse took off Tues, today, and tomorrow.

Our nephew Eric and his girlfriend Natalie immediately went to the beach, while Spouse and his mom and sister chatted and sat out on the screened porch.  After weeks and weeks of heat and humidity, the weather suddenly turned gorgeous when the family arrived so that was nice for them, and for us.

When I got home from work I found everyone hanging out on the back porch with the dogs.
Nephew Eric with Walter & Marvin

Natalie & Eric with Walter & Marvin

Marvin relaxing on Grandma's lap
A little later we all went for a casual dinner.  Our nephew Eric will be starting college later this month, as is his girlfriend, so it was nice to have this time to talk with them about this chapter in their lives.  Both are very smart so I have no concerns about their futures.  It was actually fun to be able to talk with them as adults about politics, career planning, travel, etc.  We really had a nice time.

Today Eric & Natalie are at the beach again, and Spouse and his mom and sister are doing a little bit of shopping.  I'm at work.  Tonight the 6 of us are meeting up with Steven & Thad for dinner at Dos Locos which I'm sure the family will enjoy.

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anne marie in philly said...

cute pix, esp. marvin & grandma!