Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Let sleeping dogs lie

Today I took the boys to the vet for their annual wellness check-up.  In addition, Walter was due for 2 shots that will keep him safe for 3 years.

We typically transport them in their carriers but today I decided to 'streamline' the process a bit leaving the carriers at home.  I say 'streamline' because its gets to be a lot to put them into their carriers, put the carriers into the car, remember to bring their leashes, take them out of their carrier and put them on their leashes in the vet's parking lot, and then repeat that whole process again to take them home.  

So today was a trial of letting them ride in the car without being in carriers.  They did pretty well.  Both of them crawled into my lap at one point, but I easily got them back over onto the passenger seat.  I took them in the 2-seater car so there wasn't a lot of room for them to get into trouble.  For short rides going forward I think I'll continue to leave the carriers at home, but for longer rides in the SUV I will use the carriers.

Both boys got a clean bill of health and were reported to be in "excellent health".  Marvin weighs 11 lbs and Walter weighs 13 lbs.  Both behaved very well during the physical exam, although Walter was extremely excited before and after.  He could barely hold still, and his tale was wagging to beat the band.

When we came home I put them in their "houses" (ie: crates) so they could nap while I ran some errands.  Its a little after 9pm right now and both of them fallen asleep.  All of that excitement today tuckered them out.
Marvin, perched on my shoulder and the arm of the sofa

Walter on the ottoman


Anonymous said...

It's good to hear the puppies are in good health and Walter is now bigger than his big brother! Such cute little guys they are.

Take care,

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Ur-spo said...

precious puppies!

Fearsome Beard said...

Wonderful boys!