Friday, March 11, 2016

In like a lion

There's an idiom about the month of March that couldn't be more true here recently:  

This refers to the fact that March often starts out cold and unpleasant (like a lion), but later becomes warm and mild (like a lamb).  While this actually refers to the month as a whole, we recently experienced both the lion and the lamb in less than a week.

Last Fri we had several inches of snow accumulation, and 4 days later it was 80 degrees!  It was nearly a 50-degree temperature change within 4 days.

Our forecast for the next 10 days or so is for temps in the 60s which is warmer than typical for this area, but I'm not complaining.  I'm oh-so-ready to drop my top!  My convertible top, that is.


anne marie in philly said...

"drop your top" - hee hee hee! :)

have a great weekend!

Steven said...

I miss the fact that we didn't get much snow. Our worst snow storm was almost 5 months ago in November. Since, then the weather has been moderate and tame. Daffodils and tulips are already coming up. Let's hope they don't get buried by snow in the coming weeks. :-)