Monday, March 16, 2015

Weekend redux

Fri evening after work we had dinner at home, packed our overnight bag, and loaded the dogs into the car.  We arrived at Spouse's mom's house at 9:30pm.  Unfortunately Walter got car sick (likely from his travel bag being too small and restricting his movement) and he puked inside his travel bag.  Rather than try to clean it up, I decided to just throw the travel bag away when we arrived at Spouse's mom's house.

It was about 97 degrees in her house.  Not literally, but it felt like that.  She's 85 years old and you know how most "mature" people are - they're always cold.  Spouse sneaked over to the thermostat and lowered it several degrees to help make the house more tolerable to us.

Sat morning Spouse, his mom and I went to our dear friends Kerry & Hugh's house for breakfast and the St Patrick's Day parade.  
Spouse's mom.  Not her real hair.
It rained off and on, but fortunately stopped raining for the duration of the parade.  There were several other friends of Kerry & Hugh there that we knew, so it was fun to see them and catch up before and after the parade.

Later that afternoon Spouse & I stocked up on our favorite items at Trader Joe's.  When we lived in VA we shopped there all the time, and really miss it, so we try and stock up when we are visiting.  Spouse's sister and her 3 kids came over and visited with us for a couple hours.  
Walter gives our nephew Eric some puppy kisses.
That night Spouse, his mom and I went out for Chinese food for dinner.  Spouse's mom leaves off the 's' in the word Chinese so it comes out as 'Chinee', which always gives me a secret grin.  But that night she also made me chuckle audibly when she ordered 'Compound chicken' rather than Kung Poa chicken.

Spouse's sister invited us for breakfast Sun morning so we joined her family for a frittata, bacon, and orange rolls.  Spouse's nephew was home from college for spring break so we got to visit with him too.  Afterward we packed up our stuff, loaded up the dogs, and hit the road.  We got home at 2:00.

An hour later, a couple arrived at our house to pay for and pick up the desk I'd listed for sale.  
I used to work from home and write my blog from this desk.
I'm so happy to get this behemoth out of the guest bedroom so I can paint and redecorate that room. The new scheme?  Hollywood Regency!!

That evening we had dinner with Joe P and Steven & Thad at their house.


anne marie in philly said...

spouse's mom looks damn good for 85! I wanna look like her when I get there!

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