Friday, March 13, 2015

Red letter day

So yesterday was a pretty terrific day.

I went shopping for some new jeans.  I can't remember how long its been since I bought new jeans, and with my recent weight loss (21 lbs so far thanks to Fit for Life) all my old jeans are just too big.  Add to that the fact that several pairs were ill-fitting to begin with.  It was definitely time for a new pair of jeans that fit.

I stopped in at the Old Navy outlet store and went to the jeans wall.  I was confronted with 5 different fits:  slim, straight, boot cut, regular, and loose.  
I don't wear boots and I don't want loose fitting jeans, so just for the hell of it I grabbed a pair of jeans in slim, straight, and regular cuts in my regular/most recent size and headed to the dressing room.

To my surprise, all 3 were too big - even the slim cut!  So I tried all 3 cuts in the next size down and to my utter shock - the slim cut fit the best!!

This was so shocking to me because I don't think anyone's referred to me using the word "slim" EVER!  Even as a kid I was chubby.  My mom used to special order my pants and jeans from Sears in order to get the 'chubby kid' ones.  I doubt anyone would look at me today and think "slim" either, but the proof is sewn right into the waistband.

Mind you, these are 'slim' cut jeans - NOT skinny jeans.  I am a 51 year old man with enough sense to know that 51 year old men should not be wearing skinny jeans. 

I washed my new 'slim' jeans yesterday afternoon and decided to wear them to work today.  As I was getting dressed this morning and feeling good about my 'slim' fit jeans, I decided to try on a belt I bought last summer on sale that just barely closed then.  I put it on today and it fit terrifically!

Its the little things in life, people.


anne marie in philly said...

(does a happy dance for you)

Biki Honko said...

Fantastic! What wonderful dressing room feeling rather than the gloom and doom of needing to yet again slide up to a larger size.

Bob Slatten said...

Years ago I lost a lot of weight, and went out looking for new jeans. At the store I was trying them on, and then getting a size smaller, when I heard a girl tell her boyfriend/husband that he was not a 32-inch waist.

He said he was; she said he wasn't. it went on and on.

Finally she looked at him, nudged him, pointed to me and said, "That's a 32-inch waist."

He said, "Maybe I'm a 34."
She said he wasn't; he said he was.

I felt great; 32 inches. Who knew that would happen!

Ur-spo said...

Hearty congratulations on the weight loss!

Steven said...

I'd like to echo my congrats on the weight loss. Here, I used to think that "slim" referred to the pant leg width, where the leg feels more hugged by the jeans, rather than "open and airy."