Monday, March 09, 2015

Weekend recap

Last Thursday's snow resulted in my office opening 2 hours late on Fri.  This was good as it gave me extra time Fri morning to clear off the cars and shovel a path from the door to the driver's side.  I decided not to shovel the entirety of the driveways since the forecast was for much higher temps which would melt the remaining snow.  That night we went to dinner with Steven& Thad and Joe P.

Sat I worked, and then we met up with our friends Vic & Mike for dinner.  We had a good meal and a fun time together.  After dinner we went to their house to see how they've furnished and decorated it.  The last time we saw it was just a few weeks after they'd moved in.  Their primary home is in VA and this is their beach home which I sold them.

Sun we had breakfast with friends, and then took Marvin & Walter for a nice long walk.  The weather was sunny and the temperature was in the 50s so the majority of the snow had melted.  The boys absolutely loved the long walk!  It has been too cold/windy/snowy to walk them in quite a while.  Afterward we decided to take advantage of the nice weather by cutting back our rose bushes, which then lead to a major pruning of our crepe myrtle trees.  We spent almost 3 hours outside doing yard work, but I didn't mind since it was so mild out.  I had on jeans with a t-shirt and a light hoodie - that's it.  We ended the day by meeting Steven & Thad at the diner and then watching our Sun night TV shows:  Girls, Togetherness, and Looking.

It was a nice weekend!

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Ur-spo said...

indeed, a nice weekend.