Monday, January 07, 2013

Weekend recap

As a real estate agent, I typically work on Saturdays, and sometimes on Sundays too.  Now that we have another agent on our team we are rotating so that each agent gets a weekend off each month.  This means they aren't scheduled for sales duty (responding to phone and internet inquiries) but may still need to show property to visiting potential buyers.

This weekend was my weekend off, I had no visiting buyers in town, and Spouse & I had no plans that would take us out of town.  So it felt almost odd that I was home with Spouse all weekend.

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We decided to make good use of this time off together and took down and packed up our Christmas tree and all our Christmas decorations.  It was less laborious than usual since Spouse & I worked together on this.  Just removing and packing up the tree ornaments is a big job since we like our tree to be heavy with ornaments.  I've never counted them but I'm guessing there are 300-400 ornaments on our tree.  And unlike some people who can barely wait until Christmas to take down their tree, we usually leave ours up through mid-Jan.  We only did it this weekend because we both had the time.  Our tree and decorations are so pretty I just don't get tired of seeing them.  In fact, its always a little melancholy for the 1st few days after taking them down.

Sat night we had dinner with Steven & Thad at Miltonian Pizzeria & Wing House.  Spouse & I shared our favorite: the buffalo chicken pizza.  Sun night we had dinner at Steven & Thad's house, as Steven made pot roast, herb roasted potatoes and corn and we brought biscuits and a coconut cream pie for dessert.  Both meals were sort of our "swan song", as all 4 of us were planning to go on diets starting today.

Spouse & I are following Weight Watchers because Spouse feels it is the best way to lose weight.  He lost about 80 lbs about 2 years ago, although he has not kept all of it off.  We aren't going to the meetings but will follow the point system.  To make it easier to calculate the point value of most foods (rather than having to look up everything in a book) he discovered you can take the calorie count and divide it by 40 to quickly get the point value.

Also in preparation for our diets starting today, yesterday Spouse & I organized the frozen food in our chest freezer in the garage.  This helped us not to buy duplicates of things we already had when we went to the grocery store yesterday.  And while in the organizing mood, we bought a plastic shelving unit to put next to the freezer to store extra can foods and such.  We often 'stock up' when we are able to shop at a Trader Joe's, since we love their food but don't have a store near us.  The shopping bags of Trader Joe's foods were quickly organized onto the new shelving unit.

It was a fun weekend that included productivity, time with friends, good food, and preparations for a healthier new year.

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