Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Spouse and the space heaters

It all started in 1996 when Spouse & I moved into our 1st house.  Some previous owner had enclosed the porch off the kitchen and made it a sunroom, but it had no heat or A/C.  With glee and delight Spouse purchased an electric heater to warm up the sunroom.

I'm convinced this began Spouse's long-enduring love affair with electric space heaters.

Four years later we moved to our next home that had a basement family room, so we put the electric space heater in that room and used it a few times there.  We really didn't use that basement family room very often.

Seven years later we moved to this house which is built on a concrete slab.  The main floor which has the living room, dining room, kitchen, and family room is significantly cooler than the 2nd floor where our bedroom and 2 of the guest bedrooms are located.  So we keep the thermostat lower than usual to keep our bedroom from being too warm, but this allows the main level to be a little chilly.  

Spouse's remedy?  But another electric space heater!  This one is much more decorative since it resembles a small wood stove, and it is quite helpful in keeping the family room comfortable when we are watching TV in there.  This room is also where Marvin's crate is located, so we sometimes turn it on for him on the coldest days while we're at work.

I'm stating these two applications to show that I am not against electric space heaters.  They can serve a useful, temporary purpose.  

But I really had to question Spouse's clear thinking recently when he purchased yet ANOTHER electric space heater!

When I looked at him with disbelief Spouse said "This one is covered in furniture-quality wood and will look great in the living room."  

Furniture-quality wood.  I'm sure he picked up that expression from the hucksters on the home shopping channel from which he ordered the thing.

"We have a gas fireplace to take the chill out of the air in the living room - why would we need an electric space heater in there?" I asked.

"The furnace and the fireplace are gas.  This furniture-quality wood covered space heater is electric and electric is cheaper."

I shook my head and said mostly to myself but loud enough for him to hear "We live in a 3,770 square foot home in a very desirable area and you're buying $100 space heaters to save money on gas..."  

There was silence for a little while, and then to lighten the mood Spouse suggested "We should turn off the furnace and put electric space heaters in every room!"

To let him know I was not amused with his attempt at humor I responded "Well maybe that's what you and your NEXT husband can try when you move into his trailer."

I don't think Spouse will be purchasing any more electric space heaters.


anne marie in philly said...

OMB! I can just hear you two now (shakes head and smiles).

Anonymous said...

Around here it's gas that's cheaper. Electricity is more expensive. At a nominal 14 cents a kWh those space heaters cost a penny to run.

Anonymous said...

Be happy he hasn't discovered kerosene heaters (good during a power outage) or wood burning stoves!

Ur-spo said...

I am going to side with the spouse on this one. I love an electric heater. I run one every morning in winter as I do my morning rituals. The sound of it is even as important and the heat it generates.

cb said...

Um, maybe "furniture-esque"? Or "fauxniture"?