Thursday, January 17, 2013

Paying it forward

Today as I reached for my wallet to pay for my lunch, I realized I'd mistakenly left it at home.

I explained this to the waitress at the lunch spot I frequent and promised to return in 15 minutes to pay for my lunch, which I did.

Only when I came back with my wallet in hand, the waitress explained that the lady at the table next to mine overheard our conversation and paid for my lunch.  I was dumbfounded!

"But, why would she do that?" I asked, still wondering if someone was playing a joke on me.

"She said she wanted to do something nice and 'pay it forward'" the waitress answered.

It was a small check - less than $10 - but it was a grand gesture that made me feel wonderful the rest of the day.  I left the lunch spot for the second time feeling honored that someone would extend such a kindness to me.

So now it is my turn to 'pay it forward'.  I'm going to go about my life the next few days with a new awareness for opportunities to extend a kindness to others.  Hopefully it will continue to be contagious.


Anonymous said...

I try to do things like this all the time. It used to be called Random Acts of Kindness. Last I gave money, cause I don't have a lot, a woman asked for change of a dollar at the hospital. I gave her the almost full roll of quarters I had. I've learned to bring rolls of quarters whenever I have to go.

I know doing things like that make me and the person feel better but also encourages others. Karma baby!

Victor said...

I love this post. It's always great to hear about something positive like this. You and I have chatted quite a bit about doing charitable things, and giving what you can. It's lovely when kindess is contagious.

cb said...

Wow-- how nice to be on the receiving end of that! Now you must reciprocate.