Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Rollercoaster weather

Man, we have been having some crazy roller coaster weather!

What is roller coaster weather, you ask?

Roller coaster weather is when the temperature goes up and down several times within just a few days.

For example, recently it was 60 degrees, then 48 hours later it was 21 degrees and we had snow.  It stayed under freezing for 3 straight days, which is extremely unusual for this beachside community.  Then the next day the temperature went back up into the 50s again, and 48 hours later dropped into the 20s and we had snow again.  Tomorrow our forecast says the temperature will go up to 67 degrees, and 48 hours after that it is forecasted to be 34 degrees with snow flurries.

Really???  Seriously???

I don't know whether to open the sunroof or get out the snow shovel.


Anonymous said...

It's the jet stream dipping too far south. We had some brutally cold days but today it was 60F. Tomorrow 50F and then we get back to high 30's, 40's etc. But that's only for a short time - daylight is getting longer, and we're marching toward spring again!

robertga99 said...

Same here in Atlanta. We had freezing rain and highs in the 30's on Friday. Sat was in the 60's and Tuesday it reached 72. Now tomorrow we are back to the 30's

anne marie in philly said...

"I don't know whether to open the sunroof or get out the snow shovel." - BOTH, darling!

and baseball season starts in only 12 days! and I saw the first robin in my backyard on tuesday!

Bob said...

Seems like it's that way all over the East.
I was in shorts and a T yesterday, but the day before it was scarves and jackets and gloves.