Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Family invasion

The family arrived yesterday.

If you've been reading for a while, you'll remember that each summer Spouse's sister and her husband bring their 3 kids and Spouse's mom to stay with us for a while and go to the beach.  Sometimes its a week, one time it was 10 days.  How does that saying go about visitors and fish going bad after 3 days?

Originally they were going to come Mon morning, but 1 of the boys was sick and had to go to the doctor's Mon afternoon, so they came yesterday instead.  I really don't mind that they come, although I sometimes act like I do to Spouse.  Now that the kids are almost 15, almost 17, and 20 they are much more like adults than kids.

Spouse's sister's husband couldn't come with them this time due to work, and they can only stay a couple days this time because the kids all have things to do back at home.  One has an amusement park trip planned with friends.  Another has football practice starting.  You get the picture.

But regardless of the fact that their visit will be abbreviated from past years' visits, I know for sure that the following will definitely still occur:
  • they will go to the beach and stay in the water as much as possible
  • they will want to eat every 20 minutes
  • they will want to play games at the boardwalk arcade until they win the largest stuffed animal, regardless of the fact that they will spend more money doing so than they would have spent buying the stuffed animal in the store, which they really don't want to begin with
  • they will fall in love with Marvin
  • we will have lots and lots of laughs
Now that I think about it, its kind of cool to be "the uncles that live at the beach".

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