Thursday, August 30, 2012

Double dipping

This evening Spouse & I double dipped.

Double dipping is when we accept 2 invitations for the same evening/night so we don't have to pick just 1.  Most of the time when we do this its because the 2 events overlap a bit, rather than starting at the same time.

So we started out at 5:30 at Greer's birthday happy hour at On The Rocks.  They have an outdoor bar and snack bar area overlooking the harbor.  
We both ordered diet sodas and chit-chatted with Deb & Greer and some of our mutual friends.  It was nice but the weather wasn't very cooperative.  For some reason there just didn't seem to be any breeze, despite being right on the water.  So it was kind of nice that we couldn't stay too long because it was rather warm and humid.

At 6:30 we had dinner w/Steven & Thad and their friends Pam & Scott and Matt & Stacy at Saketumi.  Thad went to school with Pam and Stacy and the 3 of them have remained friends over the years.  When both couples have visited Steven & Thad they arranged for us to meet them and now we all get along great.  As usual, we had a great dinner and it was lots of fun.

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anne marie in philly said...

saketumi (cries) - so damn good!