Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend highlights

Wow, what a weekend!

Spouse became nearly obsessed with Marvin, the 1-year old Chihuahua at the shelter, thinking someone was going to adopt him before we did, so he talked me into leaving work Sat morning for an hour or so to visit Marvin at the shelter.  Having read a little online about Chihuahuas I knew they were notorious for being yappy, unfriendly to strangers, and aggressive.  I surely didn't want a dog like that!  But nothing could be farther from the case with Marvin.  He didn't bark at all, was friendly with us and allowed us to pick him up and pet him.  Oddly enough, Spouse's enthusiasm seemed to plummet.  He seemed very uncertain, so we told the shelter volunteer that we'd think about it.  I think that in the back of his mind Spouse was expecting an instant love affair like he had with Jordan but it just didn't happen.  At least he really thought about it and didn't adopt Marvin on a whim.

I returned to work and Spouse went shopping at the outlets with Tristan and his friend while Jeni and her friend went for a walk to the beach.  I came home from work with 6 free tickets to a concert by The Four Freshmen purchased by my boss as a favor to a client who was organizing the fundraiser.  The 6 of us thoroughly enjoyed the concert and talked about it over dinner at Saketumi.

Sun morning Tristan and his friend made breakfast for us: scrambled eggs, bacon, fresh fruit, pop-overs, and mimosas.  What a nice treat!  Although I wasn't scheduled to work, I ended up needing to meet a client at a new home community and stayed with them as they wrote an offer on a house there.  When I returned home the kitchen and dining room had all been cleaned up and the dishwasher was running.  We sat around and visited for a while, then walked to the Italian deli and had sandwiches as an early dinner.  Afterward Jeni, Tristan, and their 2 friends packed up and headed back home to MD.


truthspew said...

The reputation that Chihuahua's get is off base.

Friends have two of them. Both dogs aren't yippy, and they are good with strangers. And in fact every time we visit said friends, the dogs love me. Probably because I understand dogs even though I'm horribly allergic damn it.

anne marie in philly said...

damn, where can I get a breakfast like that? sounds yummy AND they cleaned up afterwards! BFFs for cleaning!