Thursday, May 17, 2012

Preparing for family

I'm off work today and I've been cleaning like a fiend because we're expecting company this evening.  Not just any company, but family. My cousin Jeni, her son Tristan, and 2 of their friends are coming for a visit.

Tristan and his friend are driving Jeni and her friend across the Bay Bridge and dropping them and a tandem bike off so Jeni and her friend can bike the rest of the way (about 75 miles) to our house.  Tristan and his friend must return home for an appointment, and then will drive to our house later tonight.  They're going to stay through Sunday.

Spouse & I are really excited about their visit!  Although we saw Jeni within the year it was for just a few hours, and we haven't seen Tristan in about 3 years.

So I've vacuumed and dusted and put fresh sheets on the beds and fresh towels in the bathrooms and cleaned the kitchen and run the dishwasher and threw away the dead flowers and consolidated and rearranged the remaining flowers left over from the wedding, all so we have a chance at fooling them into thinking we live like "normal" people.


anne marie in philly said...

but but but, that assmunch down in NC says you are not "normal" (AS IF!). I can only dream of having a beautiful house like yours!

truthspew said...

I managed to completely go around that bridge this time around. I instead just sought out I-95 and drove that instead. A little longer, same amount of time, and avoids a lot of traffic.