Thursday, August 07, 2008

Things on TV I like

I've never been a fan of Paris Hilton. She's not really an actor, although she did appear with Nicole Ritchie in the short-lived Fox reality show 'The Simple Life'. But I must admit that I found her new political TV ad to be genius! I don't know if she came up with the idea, wrote the script, or just delivered it, but I think its great.

I'm also enjoying Del Shores' 'Sorted Lives: The Series'. I loved the film and have watched it several times with different friends over the years. There's something about southerners I find endearing. My two favorite characters are Brother Boy played by Leslie Jordan and Sissy played by Beth Grant.

But all the characters in the film and TV series truly are characters.

And speaking of characters, this season of 'Project Runway' has a few interesting characters, although none compare with the fierce, hot tranny mess that is Christian Siriano.

I've been pretty impressed with several of the designers' outfits, and am surprised that I find myself agreeing with the judges a lot more this season.

I was enjoying HGTV's 'Design Star', but it ended last Sun when Jennifer won. I must say that I was surprised because I thought Matt was going to win.

But I thought both of them were good designers so I'm not disappointed with the outcome. However, I was disappointed that Mikey V was not invited to be in the season finale with all the other designer-contestants. Apparently word spread to HGVT that Mikey V had been in a porn video years ago, so HGTV un-invited him to participate in the finale, with no explanation to the audience.

However, Bravo has their version of 'Design Star' called 'Top Design', and season 2 starts Sept 3. I liked the 1st season so hopefully season 2 won't disappoint. How can you go wrong with queens/designers like Todd Oldham and Johnathon Adler as judges?And, of course, like all good gays, I watch Kathy Griffin's 'My Life on the D List'. I do think Kathy is funny, and I like that she always allows her jokes to get raunchy. Although a 'reality' show, hers seems to keep the momentum going and never gets boring for me.
This makes it sound like I watch TV all the time. I do watch TV every night, usually for about 3 hours. But I am NOT one of those people who DVRs every episode of 57 different shows so that they never miss a single thing. I try not to miss the shows above, but if I do, I know I can catch them later in the week or when everything is a re-run.

Crush du Jour: Daniel Marvin


Lewis said...

Sordid Lives rocks. And so does that last dude.

RAD said...

Im will have to post about Sordid-- We have watched it and loves it- I love all the characters but Leslie plays brother boy really well! What a scream! I cant wait for Todd and Jonathan to be back as well om the Design show!

Anonymous said...

The only one I've watched is Sordid Lives. Other than that I cannot stand reality television. It's all lowest common denominator crap.

Check out:

Stephen Rader said...

Leslie Jordan and Beth Grant are INCREDIBLE!!! I love Beth Grant in the movie so much.

"It's a little quit smokin' therapy that Roger over at the Bee Hive gave me. It's called Behavior Modifi... somethin' another."

cb said...

I am always completely baffled at the number of southern gay men who absolutely SWEAR by "Sordid Lives".