Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Something else

I really wanted to write about something else other than the house offers. I figured no one really wants to hear all the sordid details of the buyer's counter offer to our counter offer, followed by yet another counter offer. Let's face it: unless its happening to you, its just not that interesting.

So I'll just condense it all by saying that this afternoon the buyers signed off on our 2nd counter offer, which means the house is officially 'under contract'. But I use that term with extreme caution and will wait to celebrate. As anyone whose bought or sold real estate knows, the next step is the home inspection and many-a-deal has fallen apart as a result of the home inspection.

The purpose of a home inspection is to diagnose any faulty, dangerous, or non-working systems and appliances. Stoves, dishwashers, refrigerators, heaters, and a/c units must be in working condition or the seller must repair them or compensate the buyer at settlement so the buyer can coordinate the repair. But some buyers use the home inspection to note and request compensation for other items that are related to personal taste, not faulty, dangerous, or non-working things. (ie: remove old caulk and replace with new caulk around bath tub.) A seller is not required to address personal taste items, but the buyer can void the contract and walk away from the deal over such things if they want to.

So we will remain cautiously optimistic over the next week until the home inspection is completed, and hope that the buyers do not ask for us to accommodate their personal taste.

So I wanted to write about something else, but not much else has come to mind. I guess I'm a bit pre-occupied.

Oh wait, there is this. Today is National Underwear Day. Enjoy this video of guys in underwear, and note that today's Crush du Jour is also in underwear.

Crush du Jour: Rafael Branciforti

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David Dust said...

My goodness - it looks like Rafael packed a lunch in those skivvies!