Thursday, August 21, 2008

Delicious day

Yesterday at the beach was nothing short of idyllic.

I arrived at 11:30 and stayed until almost 4:00. They sky was a gorgeous blue, the temperature was around 80 degrees, and the humidity was very low. There was a delicious and constant, cool breeze coming off the water. On a scale of 1-10, it was an 11.

I brought a couple magazines to read, but only flipped through 1 of them briefly. Most of the time I listened to Spouse's mp3 player and tried not to audibly sing along.

I also brought an insulated cooler bag with a bottle of ice water, an apple, a cup of pudding, a cup of strawberry applesauce, and a cup of mango-peach applesauce, left over from when I had a tooth extracted. Those kept the hunger pangs away and were very easily portable. By the way, the 5 lbs I lost within a week of having my oral surgery actually turned into 8 lbs, and I've kept them off now that I've returned to eating solid food.
Being fair complected, I was sure to apply my Coppertone sunscreen multiple times. I love the smell of Coppertone. It doesn't smell like coconut or pineapple like a lot of sunscreens do. I really don't know what it smells like, but I love it. It reminds me of family vacations at the beach as a kid. I always used Coppertone.
I went for a walk shortly after arriving, then sat in my chair enjoying the perfect day.

I'm back to work today, but will be off again tomorrow. My cousin Hilleary and 3 of his sons who live in CA are on the east coast on vacation. They will be meeting Hilleary's sister Jeni, 1 of her sons Tristan, and her boyfriend Dave at our house tomorrow around noon. I am excited to see them and am eager to hear what's going on in their lives. This will be their first time meeting Spouse, too. I imagine we'll sit and talk in the afternoon, then likely go somewhere for dinner.

But before they arrive tomorrow I've got to clean the house! I'd hate for my relatives to be attacked by dust elephants.

Crush du Jour: Kim Rossi Stuart


Lewis said...

Nude beach? Either way, I'm 100% jealous.

RAD said...

Love coopertone too! it brings back memories..I guess we are both coopertone girls! he he