Friday, June 15, 2007


Here are some snippets from this passed week:
  • Last Sat was the 1st Sat of the Lewes farmers market. We walked there and Jamie bought some delicious goat cheese and Joe bought some bagels.
  • The Newlyweds came last weekend and we went to a great (free) car show in Dewey, where we ran into our friends Marty & John, who were there with their robin's egg blue Edsel. Then we drove out to Laurel, DE to a small airport so Michael & Jamie could go skydiving! They had a great time doing it. Joe & I took pictures.
  • Sun was the series finale of 'The Sopranos'. I found it to be anti-climatic. Not that I wanted to see all the characters get killed off like in the series finale of 'Oz', but I expected SOMETHING to happen. The final episode just seemed like filler. Its such a well-written show that I expected a much more clever finale.
  • Mon Jordan overturned the kitchen trashcan and licked the left-over bacon grease out of the container I'd thrown away the day before. As if I wasn't pissed off enough for having to pick up the trash and clean the kitchen floor, a few hours later she threw up right next to my desk! It seems that bacon grease - however tasty - was a tad too rich for her digestive system. I was quite tempted to throw her out the 2nd floor window, but instead I cleaned up the 2nd mess for which she was responsible that day, and reminded myself that at least I have my health.
  • Tues we had our realtor Lee Ann over for dinner. We talked and laughed about Italian families, food, and real estate. I told her about my plans for my 2nd career (some time in the future) of buying and renovating homes with potential to make them more desirable and improve the neighborhood.
  • I just can't tell you how SICK I am of all the Paris Hilton coverage. I immediately turn the channel each time I see her face. Who cares what happens to her? She's a spoiled rich kid whose only 'celebrity' is being a spoiled rich kid. To the Media: This is NOT news and we don't care!
  • We're leaving Fri evening for our monthly trip back to DC. I'm meeting a couple friends at Freddie's for karaoke tonight. Sat we are driving to Hugh & Kerry's huge, annual kickball game and cook-out. Looks like the weather is going to be pleasant for it. Sun we're meeting Bugs & Roger and the Newlyweds for brunch.
  • We are considering trading in our Suburban AND Civic on a single vehicle that is somewhere between those 2 in size and better suited to our life now. We really don't have a need for the Suburban anymore. We're not bringing friends and family with us to the beach anymore so the Suburban hardly gets driven now. Filling its massive 42-gallon gas tank is no fun these day, plus I have never really liked driving the Suburban for anything other than a road trip. It was great for what we originally bought it for: road trips, but it doesn't fit our life now. Joe's Civic will need a new clutch and some other engine work done soon, which will cost more than the value of the car. If we liked the car we'd pay for the work, since its cheaper to fix a car that's paid for. But neither of us really likes the car very much because of its manual windows/door locks, and no sunroof. And despite its 4 doors, its really not comfortable for 4 adults, making it impractical for us. It was a great car for what we originally bought it for: Joe's daily commute to work, but it doesn't work well for us now. Joe talked to his friend who owns a used car place in Rehoboth and he said he would take both of our vehicles in trade (plus some cash) on a used car from his lot. So we've got him on the look-out for something to fit the very modest budget we've allotted, and I'm hopeful that he'll find us something that better fits our life now.

Drag Queen name of the day: Carrie Okey

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