Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Music in the park

Mon evening we attended "Music in the Park", a program from the Lewes dept of Parks & Recreation. Every Mon and every other Fri between Memorial Day and Labor Day there are free concerts in the park adjacent to the library. That's a lot of free music!

The location is ideal. There are lots of big, old trees to provide shade, and if you feel the need to use the bathroom, you can go into the library and do so. Its just a few blocks from our house so we walked on over, with our 'what-a-chairs' slung over our shoulders. It was a beautiful evening; cool temperature and no humidity - perfect for an outdoor summer concert. If only our past trips to Wolf Trap had been so nice! And like Wolf Trap, we saw some people with picnic dinners.

As we were waiting for the concert to start a man with a beagle came near us. Joe petted the dog as we complimented it for being a "cutie". The man said "Do you realize you're the youngest people here? You're the only ones under 75!" Initially we just laughed. Then I looked around and noticed he was partially correct: we WERE the youngest people there. We've seen other people around our age in town, but none of them were at the concert.

Mon night's performance was by Tydewater, and was billed as 'Country & Pop', but all the songs they did were completely country. I'm not a fan of country music (the cliches are just too much for me) but I must give this group credit. Each one was a very talented performer so the group was very 'tight' and professional. The singer also had a very nice voice. So despite my disaffection for country music, I did enjoy the "music in the park".

I'm looking forward to some of the choral, jazz, and big band groups on the itinerary.

Drag Queen name of the day: Mae Day

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