Friday, May 11, 2007

Free car wash

In preparation for our trip back to VA this evening, we decided to get gas in the Suburban last evening, since gas prices often go up on Fridays. Might as well drop off our recycling at the center while we were out. As we approached the Suburban we noticed it was covered in pollen and bird crap! Joe said we should get it washed before driving it back to VA.

As we were leaving the recycling center I decided to take the 'scenic' route called Gills Neck Rd, which runs along the edge of several crop fields. We saw one of those long irrigation machines was running, spraying the field with water. Since the irrigation machine was very close to the road and the wind was blowing, it was showering the road quite a bit. A little light went off in my head. A free car wash?

As we approached the 'shower on the road' I checked my mirror: no one behind me. I slowed down and as we got under the 'shower' I stopped the truck. We sat under the shower from the irrigation machine for about 20 seconds. Then, thinking the other side of the truck hadn't gotten as good a cleaning, I drove up the road a bit, turned around and drove back under the 'shower' facing the opposite direction, and stopped for about 20 seconds again. Then we pulled out from under the 'shower', turned back around and headed to the gas station.

At the gas station we remarked at how great the 'free car wash' had been. It had removed all the pollen and some of the bird crap. During the 4 hours it takes to fill that huge, 42-gallon tank I got a damp paper towel and wiped off the remainder of the bird crap while Joe used the window washer/squeegee to clean and dry all the windows. The truck looked great!

This evening we're heading to Joe's mom's house, and I'll go sing karaoke. Sat we're hanging out with the family, and Sun we're celebrating Mother's Day with the family at one of those Japanese restaurants where everyone sits around that huge grill and watches the chef make the meal. Returning home Sun evening.

Drag Queen name of the day: Meg Azine

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