Friday, May 04, 2007

Big weekend planned

We've got a full weekend planned. And its not just full of stuff to be done, but rather, enjoyable stuff!

Our friend Susan should arrive about 5pm today. I met Susan about 10 years ago when we both worked for the same start-up telecom company. We became friends and she's the one who turned us onto Lewes where we now live. This will be Susan's first time here at our new house so I'm sure she'll want to look around first, then we'll sit and chat for a while. We've already decided that we're going out to dinner tonight, but haven't decided where yet. Then after dinner, the 3 of us may meet up with John & Marty for dessert.

I met Marty at a party about 14 years ago, but we did not stay in touch after I moved away. Then I met John at the same start-up telecom where I met Susan. After learning that Marty was John's partner I realized that Marty and I had already met. John & Marty live in VA, near where I grew up, but they have a weekend/summer house in Rehoboth. Spouse & I ran into John & Marty last Sept at the Rehoboth antique car show. They have a robin's egg blue Edsel. Hopefully we'll get to see them tonight for dessert.

Susan is staying overnight with us tonight, then Sat morning Susan, Spouse & I are meeting up with John & Marty for breakfast. Susan is taking the ferry to NJ to visit some relatives, so Spouse & I will have a little time in the middle of the day to shop for a Mother's Day gift and make sure Jordan gets walked.

Sat evening we're meeting up with our friends Steve & Paul at their house and will carpool to Dover for 'Movie Night'. A small group of guys have 'Movie Night' on the 1st Sat of each month. Whomever hosts gets to pick the movie and provide light refreshments. This will be our 1st time attending a 'Movie Night' when them. We know 6 of the guys who'll be there and they are all very nice.

Sun we are expecting a visit from Kerry & Hugh around mid-day. They will be working at their rental condo in Ocean City on Sat, spending time with Hugh's parents in Bethany Beach Sat night, and visiting Hugh's cousin who just had a baby this week on Sun morning. We're glad they're squeezing in a visit with us before they head back to VA.

Sun evening we're going to Rick & Nick's for dinner and a movie. Rick is Spouse's personal trainer/friend and Nick is Nick's partner, a rolfer who's studio is next door to Rick's gym, so Spouse sees them both weekly. A month or so back we had them over for dinner, and now we're going to their place for dinner and a movie.

I'm excited about this weekend and am sure we'll have a good time.

Drag Queen name of the day: Crystal Ball

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