Thursday, March 01, 2007


As I've shared earlier, prior to moving from our VA home we donated clothing and household items to Goodwill. I also like donating to Value Village because they will pick up the donations from your front porch.

When we were moving our stuff from the beach house to our new house we literally did not have time to sort the stuff to be donated. Everything had to be moved out of the beach house right away so it could be cleaned and made ready for its tenants. So as we've been unpacking and getting organized we've come across some furniture and other items we don't need or want. At first Joe's brother said he wanted everything, so we stacked it in a corner of the living room and waited for him to pick it up. Long story short: a month has passed and he's not called or come to pick up the stuff so I decided to donate it.

GoodWill, Salvation Army, Value Village - they're all great organization. But this time I asked local folks where I might donate items so that they go directly to people in need. Our former neighbor at the beach house is a minister and she said she would check to see if anyone she knew was in need. Another friend suggested SCAC (Sussex County AIDS Committee). They have a team of case managers who can assess the needs of their clients and put donors in touch with clients in need, so I called them too.

I'm happy to say that a dinette table and 4 chairs, a coffee table and matching end table were picked up by an SCAC referral on Wed, and a sofa, chair, and 2 twin headboards will be picked up on Mon evening by the minister's referral. Stuff in good condition that I don't need going to people who are in need. I think that's the way its supposed to work.

Drag Queen name of the day: Katie Didd

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