Monday, March 12, 2007

Bubble glass

Kerry & Hugh planned to visit relatives in our neck of the woods this past weekend so we made plans for them to stop in and visit us, too.

We'd seen Kerry's application of 'bubble glass' film to the bathroom window in their new addition and thought it would be the perfect solution for us, too. I asked Kerry to bring some bubble glass film with her so we could apply it during their visit.

Since we had limited time I watched, listened, and learned while Kerry did the actual application. She measured the glass to be covered, cut the bubble film slightly larger than the measurements, sprayed the window and the film with water, applied the film, smoothed out the air pockets, and then trimmed the edges to fit. She applied the bubble film to 6 of our windows and I absolutely LOVE it! The top sashes are divided into 6 panes and all of them are unchanged. The lower sashes are are not divided at all - just one large pane - and that is what got the bubble film. We did the window in our bathroom, the windows on the main floor bathrooms, and the hallway windows (which face the bedroom doors).

The bubble film looks completely authentic, like the old bubble glass from the early 1900s. Since our house is a reproduction Victorian, it is really enhanced by the bubble glass look. But what I like the most is that you still get all the natural light of the window but people can't see in. I don't want curtains and blinds on every window, but Joe insists on lots of privacy so this is the perfect compromise. And even better, you can't tell from the outside that the bubble film has been applied unless the sun is shining directly on the window. (The screens partially obscure the view.) So from the outside its difficult to see which windows have been 'bubbled' and which have not. I couldn't be happier with this!

I love it when a plan comes together.

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tornwordo said...

Where do you buy the bubble glass film?