Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Dog walking

On Tues the weather was crazy-warm. It reached 83 degrees, and its still March!

I took advantage of the super weather by taking Jordan for a nice walk at lunch time. We often walk around the pond near our house, but on Tues I decided we'd walk over to Second St, the 'main street' of Lewes. I thought walking there would give me more opportunities to see/meet people. Working from home has removed much of the social element of work so I think about walking Jordan where I might encounter more people.

As we walked down Mulberry St. and rounded the corner onto Second St. Jordan decided it was as good a time as any to relieve her bowels. Unfortunately, rather than being in the grass close to the sidewalk, she was way up in the homeowners yard, near the walkway to their front door. I suppose it was my fault. If I'd kept her leash tighter she wouldn't have been able to get that far up into the home owner's yard.

Normally I am not overly concerned about where she relieves herself. Its just that Second St. is a very prestigious, desirable, and historic St. Many of the homes there are from the 1700 & 1800s, and are very expensive. Even the smallest of the few houses on Second St. will sell for over a million easily. So, although the location she chose was less than optimal, I told myself there was no need to worry about it. I always bring a plastic bag to collect her poop; we'd be gone in a few seconds. Besides, what are the chances the homeowner would even be at home, much less be outside?

Well, on that day, the chances were very high! Just as Jordan was pushing one out, the homeowner rounded the corner of the house and saw me and Jordan standing in his yard. She was pooping, and I was just standing there. I felt I should say something.

"I'm sorry. She usually goes closer to the sidewalk" I offered.

"I understand" he replied. "As long as you pick it up. You are going to pick it up?"

"Oh, of course" I responded, showing him my plastic bag covered hand. As Jordan walked away from the scene of the crime, I leaned over, picked up the poop and tied the bag closed.

"Did you get it all?" he asked suspiciously.

"Yes." I answered back. I hurried Jordan out of the man's yard as if I'd just heard that my house was on fire.

As we walked down Second St. I began wondering why the man had asked me if I'd gotten it all. Even if I'd been tempted for some reason to leave some behind, I certainly wouldn't have done that with him watching me. I just felt it was odd of him to questioned me about it, as if I were an inexperienced teenager. Then I simply chalked it up to his age. Compared to him I probably looked like a teenager.

I did learn a useful lesson from the experience: only walk Jordan down Second St. AFTER she's relieved herself in a less expensive yard.

Drag Queen name of the day: Eunice Ikle


tornwordo said...

Thank God it wasn't a runny one! lol.

Bugsy said...

At least you had a bag to clean up the mess! One day in our neighborhood someone didn't have a bag (for some reason) and there was a heated discussion about the dog mess and were they going to clean it up and they were going to get a bag to clean it up! Blah, blah, blah...