Thursday, July 06, 2006

So unfair

I got this email today from Equality Virginia:

Today, Equality Virginia reacted with disappointment to the news that the high courts in both New York and Georgia ruled against full marriage equality rights in two separate cases.

In the first and highly anticipated case, the New York Court of Appeals ruled that the state constitution does not guarantee a right to marriage equality for gay and lesbian couples, and stated that it is the responsibility of the legislature to change the law.

And in Georgia, the Georgia Supreme Court reinstated the so-called "marriage amendment" passed there in 2004. The unanimous decision overruled a lower court's decision that the ballot question violated the state's "single subject rule" requiring that ballot measures cover only one issue. The amendment in Georgia banned civil unions and domestic partnerships along with marriage equality rights.

"It is a sad day in the march forward for full equality under the law when courts can't see the reality of the discrimination that we continue to face," said Dyana Mason, Equality Virginia's Executive Director. "Nonetheless, both of these rulings underscore the importance of a victory at the ballot box this fall against Virginia's so-called 'Marriage Amendment.'"

Equality Virginia, as a founding partner of The Commonwealth Coalition: Vote "No," Virginia ( has contributed most of its resources in the fight against the amendment this fall, specifically in educating and turning out voters on November 7. In addition, EV will continue its long-term work to educate voters and elect fair-minded candidates to the Virginia legislature through the Equality Virginia Political Action Committee (EVPAC)."

The rulings today certainly do not end the fight for full marriage equality, and Equality Virginia and our partners nationwide will use all avenues in our campaign for fairness -- through educating the public, lobbying our elected officials, and engaging in impact litigation when appropriate."

Not to leave you on a somber note...

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