Sunday, July 09, 2006

The other Will & Grace

This was our weekend to stay in town, so I planned a few social engagements for us as well as some productive time.

Fri evening we met our friends John and Rebecca at the Taco House for dinner. John & I used to work for the same company about 5 years ago. We bumped into each other at the gay pride parade that year, which put to rest our suspicions about each other. John is a real sweetheart and although we don't work for the same company anymore, we try to keep in touch. Sadly, most of the time that just means emails.

Rebecca is John's best gal pal and roommate. Think of Will & Grace, only he's the redhead and she's the brunette. They talk like they're a couple, using "we" all the time. They live together, they socialize together, they go on vacation together, they're like a married couple - only he's gay and she's straight - just like Will & Grace. In the 5 or so years I've known them, neither has ever had a love interest for more than a month (again, think Will & Grace), although both remain hopeful.

We had a great time chatting, laughing, and catching up over chicken quesadillas, chimichangas, tostadas with guacamole and queso, and various flavors of margueritas. None of us could remember how long it had been since we'd last gotten together, which always means its been too long. John loves his job, although it is quite a commute from Takoma Park to almost Middleburg. Rebecca just started a new job in Arlington and likes it so far. John's BMW convertible is in the shop after sustaining $3,000. in damage from a huge pothole. (17 other cars met the same fate that morning.) Rebecca just bought a PT Cruiser convertible, which really seems to suit her.

After saying our goodbyes, Joe & I decided to go for a late movie. I'd been anticipating the opening of 'The Devil Wears Prada' for several weeks, but didn't get a chance to see it last weekend. We arrived about 20 minutes prior to the movie's start time, but found it to be sold out. Darn! So we came home and watched TV.

Drag Queen name of the day: Bertha Venation

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Bugsy (aka Joe) said...

Wow! Who knew that Will & Grace isn't just a TV show! ;-)