Sunday, July 09, 2006

Saturday shirts

We agreed that Sat was going to be "all about outside". The weather forecast was great, especially for July, so we figured it would be a good day to do some outdoor tasks.

We started by taking our cars to Jiffy Lube for their overdue oil changes. Arguably not really an outdoor activity, it still needed to be done. Then Joe mowed the yard and I started cleaning out our carport. Since it is not a garage, 3 sides of the carport are open and the wind carries leaves and stuff into the carport. We also store our lawnmower, trashcan, recycling bin, and firewood in the carport. Additionally, some other stuff has collected there over the years so it really needed to be cleaned out. Once that was done, I decided to try to remove the stain on the carport floor. My car had a transmission fluid leak that left a stain, so I used an organic, non-toxic, banana oil cleaner purchased from an infomercial on the stain. After just one treatment its better now, but still needs another application or two to fully remove it.

Then we showered, and Joe took a short nap while I sorted the mail. I suggested we go to Best Buy to look at refrigerators and music. We found that Best Buy now carries the fridge we want, although we couldn't find a price on it! Then I picked up a 'Best of Janet Jackson, 1986-1996' CD, which I am really loving. I played it to and from the Dicks' party.

Sat night there was a party at the Dicks'. Our friends Dick & Dick have a holiday and a summer party every year where they have tasty food and lively guests. We always enjoy going. However Joe wasn't feeling 'in the party mood' so he decided not to go. He visited with his mom instead. I had a great time at the Dicks' party, getting a chance to chat with several folks I only see twice a year at their parties.

One of their friends Kevin always comments on my shirts. The first time we met I had on a large paisley print shirt in pink and grey on white, under a black leather blazer. The following summer I wore an ocean blue/green shirt with a 'wavy' pattern woven in it, with off-white shorts. The next Christmas I wore a shirt with a black background with multi-colored (rainbow) pin stripes and red buttons with black slacks. And yesterday I wore a chartreuse green linen shirt with off-white shorts. Its funny - whenever I wear fun/interesting clothes to the Dicks' parties, I always feel better about myself. I feel like my being overweight isn't as much of an issue. I have more confidence when I wear something unusual. And Kevin always notices.

Drag Queen name of the day: Colleen Clothes

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Bugsy said...

Mmmm... two gay guys named Dick and Dick. Mmmm... All way too much for me!

Glad you had fun after all that hard work!