Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Back from the beach

Fri night before heading to the beach we had dinner at the Bistro McDonald's. (If that doesn't make sense, check out my post on 11-1-05.) Then we went back to the house to get Jordan and off we went - top down and lovin' it. Despite it being the Fri night before the 4th of July weekend, perhaps the most popular weekend for beachgoers, we found the traffic to be 'normal'. Of course, sailing in the EZPass lane past a quarter of a mile of cars waiting at the toll booth helped.

Our friends Bill & Tom arrived about 1/2 an hour after us. It was their 1st time, so we showed them the place and then had cocktails. Malibu and Coke, thank you.

Sat we all slept in, and then Joe made blueberry pancakes and bacon for breakfast. Afterward we sat around and talked until we decided to don our trunks and go to the beach. It was a stellar day! Probably around 80 degrees, sunny, and lightly breezy - it was heaven on earth. We had a lovely time on the beach. When we returned we had a little snack and cocktails on the screened porch. Appletinis all the way around. It was nice to actually use the screened porch for a change. So often its either too humid, too hot, too dirty with pollen, etc. That day it wasn't any of those things. It was delightful. After showers we went to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in Lewes: Fish On. The evening was so lovely we decided to eat on the patio. (Last year they didn't serve dinner on the patio.) We enjoyed the best mojitos anywhere, followed by amazing entrees. With the light breeze and starry sky, it was picture-perfect.

Sun was very different: much warmer and more humid. After a leisurely breakfast of egg souffle, bagels, and scones, we decided against going to the beach. Bill & Tom wanted to leave between 2 and 3, so we took them on a little driving tour of downtown Lewes and the public beach at the bay. Upon returning, they packed their things, we said our goodbyes, and wished our friends a safe and uneventful trip home. Joe took a nap and I went over to the pool and took periodic breaks from reading 'Letters from Camp Rehoboth' to slip into the pool and cool off. At Sat night's dinner, our waitress Erin gave us a 10% off coupon to their sister restaurant in Bethany called Northeast, so Sun evening Joe & I decided to give it a try. The menu wasn't very extensive so we both wound up ordering the same thing; very unusual for us. But we enjoyed the lobster mac 'n cheese and I learned a recipe for a new cocktail called Island Lemonade. Pour Malibu rum and lemonade over ice, then give it just a splash of cranberry juice. It should come out a delicate shade of blush. Try it! On the way back we stopped at the video store, then watched "TransAmerica". (For more about "TransAmerica, see my entry on 1-25-06.)

Mon was not a holiday for me, but I'd taken a day of leave in order to create a 4-day weekend for myself. At 10am we met with our realtor so we could see 5 homes. Even at 10am, it was super hot - over 90 degrees. Once again, none of the homes really wowed both of us. Joe got excited about a historic home in downtown Lewes, but I was less enthusiastic because it was expensive, smaller than our current home, and would require some renovation and (possibly) the construction of a garage. I got excited about a 2-level, 3 bedroom loft-style condo built in an old church from the 1800s. The unit had those great church windows that flooded both floors with light. But there is no yard at all (which is not good when you have a dog) and there is only street parking. We also inquired about a 1920s home that was recently used as a bed & breakfast. It was purchased a year ago and gutted, but the rebuilding came to a halt when the new owners found themselves over-extended by several investment properties. It would be a fabulous project to oversee the rebuilding of the home's interior, be able to pick out finishes and fixtures, and then live in it and re-open the B&B. But our realtor told us she expected an offer on the place soon, as a couple had come to see the home 4 times.

Our friends Greg & Gerry were staying with friends in Bethany for the holiday weekend, and called us on Mon evening. They came over to visit and then we when to dinner at Fish On (again). Erin was our server (again). We had appetizers and cocktails, (is this like the 18th time I've mentioned cocktails in this entry?), wonderful entrees, and shared 2 irresistable desserts between the 4 of us. They came back to the house and we continued visiting until 11:30. When they left we decided to watch the other movie we'd rented called "Breakfast on Pluto". Joe only lasted about 30 minutes, but I watched the entire film. Its about a young Irish man who was abandoned at birth, dropped off at a church. He's raised by a foster mother who finds his cross-dressing to be quite troublesome. In his late teens he can no longer be endure the treatment he's been receiving so he runs away, to search for his mother whom he refers to as the "Phantom Lady".

Tues we met our realtor at 10 (again), and it was really hot (again), to look at 3 more homes. One had just been listed the previous day. It was a newer home in a prestigious neighborhood we both like. This house had lots of upgrades and quality features. We both like it, but Joe was torn, thinking about the historic 'purple house' in downtown Lewes. (In true Joe fashion, the 'purple house' is not purple. It is grey and has lavender shutters and door.) We talked over lunch about the latest stuff we'd seen, and shared our feelings about each house. Then Joe took a nap and I went to the pool again. This time I read the Washington Blade between cooling dips. We cleaned up the house, packed our stuff, and went out for a simple dinner. As soon as we got to the Blue Plate Diner, the wind, thunder, and lightening began. There was a pretty significant storm that lasted only about 30 minutes. By the time we'd paid the check and walked to the car, it was all over. We picked up Jordan and headed home. The traffic was good, and we got home at 11:30.

Today it was overcast and cooler in the morning, followed by thunderstorms in the afternoon. Tomorrow is supposed to be the same. Fri things should dry up and brighten up, just in time for the weekend.

Drag queen name of the day: Helen Highwater

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