Wednesday, October 04, 2017

New book

Look what arrived yesterday!
I pre-ordered it months ago on Amazon, and received notification that it would arrive on Tues, the official release date of the book.

In case you're new here, Armistead Maupin is my favorite author.  I love all of his "Tales of the City" novels, and also his novels not in the "Tales" series. My blog's title is a tribute to his fabulous body of work.

This new book is a memoir, so I'm looking forward to finding out more about his childhood experiences and life influences.  Maybe we'll learn about some of the inspirations for the characters in his novels.

And what could possibly be better than a new Armistead Maupin book?  

Getting my new book SIGNED in person tomorrow evening!  That's right - I'm going to a lecture and book signing tomorrow evening in DC and expect to have my book signed by Armistead.




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