Friday, August 02, 2013


Why is it that when I'm shopping for a gift for a friend, I find all kinds of things for myself? And when I'm looking to 'treat' myself, I only find things that would make great gifts for others.

Or, when I'm looking for something specific for myself (ex: work clothes), I only find great flip flops or a terrific swimsuit.

Recently I was looking for a leather chair for our living room, but stumbled upon a terrific area rug that I fell in love with.  

Isn't this a fantastic rug??  The problem is, of course, I have no place for this rug.  It doesn't 'go' with the decor in any of our rooms and I'm not going to change all the furniture and linens in a room just to accommodate a new rug that I love but don't need.

I tried to get my friend Joe P to buy the rug since he is actually looking for a colorful rug for his breakfast room, but he said he wants a round rug.

I hope someone buys this rug soon so I don't have to keep seeing it and wrestling with myself not to buy it!

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