Monday, August 12, 2013

Not Myself

I just finished reading "I Am Not Myself These Days: A Memoir". A friend recommended it with the guarantee that I would love it.  She was right.

The book is about Josh who struggles to function at his advertising job during the day because he spends his night getting drunk in gay nightclubs dressed in drag, often getting home just in time to change clothes and go to work.  Josh's alter ego Aqua is known for her costumes which feature clear "breasts" filled with water and live goldfish.  As if his life isn't odd/stressful enough, Josh/Aqua begins dating Jack who is a escort.

Despite the words "a memoir" in the title, I assumed the book was fiction due to Agua's over-the-top drinking and outrageous behavior.  At the end I realized it was indeed a memoir, and that the sometimes sad and often hilarious events in the book were true.  It was a fun read that I would recommend.  Order the paperback, hardback, or Kindle version from Amazon.

Another thing I didn't realize until after finishing the book was that its author, Josh Kilmer-Purcell, about whom the story revolves, is the same Josh Kilmer-Purcell who is one of the Fabulous Beakman Boys.  What a different life he leads now!

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