Monday, August 05, 2013


Recently I was showing homes to a new couple who asked to see a home they'd noticed in my company's newspaper ad.  (Our company has a weekly ads in our local paper.)  This particular home was in a town quite a distance from where I normally work so I printed out directions from mapquest to get us there.

Heading south we noted a huge traffic jam on the northbound side of the highway that appeared to be several miles long.  Knowing we'd have to return this way, I dreaded sitting in the traffic jam after having driven all that way to see the home.  

My mapquest directions worked just fine, and once we finally got to the home and looked around, I verbalized to my clients that I did not want to return the same way we came.  The trouble is, I had mapquest directions to get there and planned to use them in reverse to get home.  There is a huge bay in between where we currently were and where we needed to get back to, and since I was unfamiliar with the roads in this town, I was at a loss for how to get home.

Then it hit me:  the maps icon on my iPhone.  
 I pulled over in a safe place and tapped on the maps icon.  It showed me where I currently was and what roads were around me.  I pinched the screen to show more of the surrounding area until finally I saw a route that would take us around the west side of the huge bay and then back to my office.

It worked!  The maps feature saved me and my clients from sitting in traffic for who knows how long!  This feature alone was worth the price of the iPhone.

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Harpers Keeper said...

I am directionally challenged so I use the iPhone's GPS functionality all the time.

On a recent trip to Canada (where I turn off cellular data because it is obscenely expensive) I was more limited but I had plotted out all me directions in advance and emailed them to myself.