Monday, May 27, 2013

Holiday weekend highlights

Wow, what a weekend!  I'm not sure if I can fit everything into 1 post, or if I should even try to recap this weekend or not... it might take too long!  So maybe I'll just give you the highlights.

The Breens arrived in the early afternoon and the 3 of us had lunch at the Ocean Diner.  Afterward we came back to the house and talked and played with Marvin until Spouse came home.  Sean made us cosmos from his fabulously tasty recipe which should probably be patented.  For dinner we tried a new spot in town call the Rose & Crown which we all liked.  (Side note: a restaurant by the same name used to be down the block before Spouse & I moved here.  Not sure if its the same owners or not but the new space is much better.)  

On Sat I had to work, so Spouse took Marvin for a nice long walk while the Breens met up with Ron for lunch and a visit.  That evening we had blood orange cosmos which became a hit with everyone as Sean tweaked the recipe.  (Look for the recipe in a later post.)  That night we opted for a 'simple' dinner at Ruby Tuesday, then squeezed into the Blue Moon for the 1st Legends show of the
2013 season.  It was absolutely packed and we all felt like sardines in a can.  After the show we went for a short walk on the boardwalk before heading home to chat before going to bed.

Sun morning we took the Breens to our favorite weekend breakfast spot, the Crystal Restaurant.  Then I met a client and showed a house while Spouse & the Breens went for a walk to the canalfront park.  When I finished with my client I picked them up and we went to Dairy Queen!  We had some great coupons that will expire in a week, so we all got delicious frozen treats.  Since the temperature was warmer and the sun was out we talked and laughed on the screened porch for hours (literally).  Sean mixed up another batch of blood orange cosmos and we listened to the the 
music from mine & Spouse's reception while we visited.  After all, Sun was our 17th anniversary!  For dinner we decided to order Mexican food and eat on the porch, so we switched to margaritas to compliment our chicken enchiladas and bleu cheese quesadillas from Agave

Reading over this, it sounds like all we did was drink the entire weekend, which is... umm... well... never mind. 

The Breens left very early Mon morning to avoid the mass exodus of holiday weekend visitors.  I had to work until 1, then Spouse & I had lunch, went to the grocery store, took Marvin for a walk, and then had Steven & Thad and Joe P over for a simple Memorial Day cook-out.  We had hamburgers, hotdogs, BBQ baked beans, chips & salsa, potato chips and French onion dip, and Steven brought summer slaw.  A tasty meal on the screened porch was the perfect way to cap off a terrific holiday weekend.


Ron said...

Some people know how to attract the best people and have the best times, you're one of those people and that is because you are a NICE guy! I'm glad you have a wonderful weekend with friend.Retired in Delaware

Ron said...

By the way, that lime drink looks REAL GOOD!

anne marie in philly said...

you are correct; sassybear cosmos SHOULD be trademarked!

todd & I ate at the R&C sunday afternoon as the blogger meetup was at an end. nice and relaxing.

so, are you playing elton john this year and is that you on the poster?

isn't it nice to enjoy the company of good friends?

SEAN said...

Wish I had been there but your posts are the next best thing. One day.

Breenlantern said...

We had so much fun in Delaware with you guys and Marvin. Hope we can come back :-)