Friday, May 24, 2013

Breen with envy

Don't be jealous, but the Breens of Idle Eyes and a Dormy fame are en-route to our house!

During Sean & Jeffrey's visit to our fair hamlet for the Blogger Meet-Up in Feb, we had the opportunity to have dinner with them - not once, but - twice and got along like old friends.  They expressed an interest in coming back so we invited them for the long, Memorial Day holiday weekend.

It appears the weather won't be conducive to lying on the beach, but I'm sure we'll find plenty to drink, do.  We don't really have a 'plan' for the weekend, but we've got several options to go over with the Breens and I'm confident the weekend will pass much too quickly.

Happy Memorial Day weekend everybody!!


anne marie in philly said...


don't do anything I wouldn't do!


Ron said...

Include me!

Java said...

What do you mean, don't be jealous? I'm HUGELY jealous! I'm also thrilled that you all get to spend a lovely weekend together. Hugs all around!

Anonymous said...

Jealous, jealous I am! GREEN with envy! HAHAHAHA

Have a GREAT TIME!!!!

Peace <3

Knoxxy said...


Ur-spo said...

mad-jealous, indeed !

Ron said...

Thanks for loaning me your house guests for a few hours yesterday. I hope I didn't keep them away from Marvin the Wonder Dog too long. (and you and Joe of course) :)
Retired in Delaware