Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend highlights

I worked on Sat, then Spouse & I had dinner at a new restaurant called Old Bay.  We both ordered burgers which we found to be lackluster.  That night I performed in the Legends show as Neil Sedaka.
The crowd really got into the performance and we all had a good time!

Sun morning Spouse & I met up with Steven for breakfast (Thad was visiting his mom in PA) at Crystal.  We planned to go to the beach immediately after breakfast but the weather was very cool and overcast.  So instead we came home and I pulled weeds while Spouse treated the roses.  Cool overcast days are perfect for doing yard work.  That afternoon we did a little outlet store shopping and took Marvin for a nice long walk.  That evening we had dinner with Steven & Thad and our new friends Rahsan & Dennis at Purple Parrot.  We walked Marvin again but this time a different route, then went over to Chris & Jason's house to watch "True Blood" with them.  We got home a little past 10 and I felt exhausted so we went to bed.

It was a fun weekend!

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Rick said...

I bet you were great as Neil.
You keep so darn busy on weekends. I don't think you ever put your feet up and waste the weekend. You're welcome to come here and pull weeds anytime.