Thursday, June 21, 2012

Business and pleasure

Today was my day off, and as is often the case, my days off are a mixture of business and pleasure.  When you work in real estate you get used to spending at least a little bit of your 'day off' working.

I started my day by emptying the dishwasher and loading it again, wiping the counters, and emptying the kitchen trash and recycling.

Then I opened my laptop and logged into my work email and the MLS system, sent some listings and research to a new client, and returned a few voice mails left the previous night.

Then I took Marvin for a short walk because it was already uncomfortably hot outside although it was only 10am. I vacuumed the 1st and 2nd floors of our house and then changed into my swimsuit and packed a cooler bag with water bottles.

At noon I stopped in my office to drop off some keys and print some pages of a contract.  At 12:30 I stopped in at 1 of my favorite sandwich shops and picked up a Cole Turkey Wrap (Turkey, cole slaw, cheese, Thousand Island dressing in a wrap) to go.  

Next stop:  the beach!

At 1:00 the thermometer on the car read 98 degrees when I parked at the beach parking lot.  I knew it was hot, but since it was my day off I wanted to go the beach anyway.  In addition to my sandwich I brought cold water to drink and an umbrella for shade.  It turned out to be a great day!  I saw several friends and the water was warm enough to go swimming.  On my way home I passed a bank with a digital thermometer that read 102 degrees.  I had the roof closed and the A/C on.

Just because I had chores to do and needed to do some real estate work, I still got to enjoy a couple hours at the beach thanks to mixing business with pleasure on my days off!


Anonymous said...

Yeah - hotter than hell for a few days leading up to Gay Pride in NYC.

No beach for us - I know it's the Atlantic and all but it just hasn't been warm enough to heat this segment of ocean up enough yet.

And I have a suggestion - you said you stopped in the office to print. You can get a Samsung CLD-325W for short money, around $150. It's nice having a decent speed color laser printer around. But be warned, OEM cartridges are a little pricey but you save yourself having to go into the office.

I've got the CLP-315W and love it.

anne marie in philly said...

lucky you!