Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekend highlights

Even though Bugs & Roger were here, I still worked Sat. I had a new couple to whom I was showing a bunch of homes. They are very 'qualified' so it was nice to work with them. I think they're going to buy sooner rather than later. Spouse took Bugs & Roger to breakfast and then they did some shopping at the outlets. That night we had dinner at Sole. Spouse panicked when they presented their new fall menu which is 90% small plates. But the 4 of us ordered 2 or 3 items each and shared most of them, and it worked out great.

Sun morning Steven & Thad came over and Spouse made breakfast for the 6 of us. I don't know why but he loves to make breakfast for company. I'd much rather make a dessert. Although I wasn't scheduled to work on Sun, I met another new, 'well qualified' client at 10:30 and showed them several homes. Fortunately they really liked several of them. Bugs & Roger left around noon and I got home about 2pm. Spouse & I went for a little drive to the beach and stopped at a few stores including Pier One where we have a gift card from last Christmas we haven't been able to spend. That evening we took salad to Steven & Thad's house to go with the lasagna Steven made for dinner. It was a delicious and fun way to wind up the weekend.


Anonymous said...

Prepping up for Thanksgiving (My birthday!) I think I'm going to make maple custard, and butternut marscarpone gnocchi!

I sort of peaked last year with the lasagna. That one is the stuff of legend now.

anne marie in philly said...

I will have to try steven's lasagna next time I am down your it's dee-lish!

smooches to all my DE boyfriends!