Monday, November 07, 2011

Weekend highlights

It was a rather unremarkable weekend. I was scheduled for floor duty at work on both Sat and Sun. I asked Steven & Thad to try to keep Spouse engaged over the weekend so he wouldn't just sit at home by himself thinking about Jordan. Spouse went to the gym and had lunch with them, so that was good. That night the 4 of us went to dinner at 1 of my favorite places: Georgia House. The cuisine is country/comfort food and the prices are very reasonable.

On Sun our internet at work was down all day, which made it nearly impossible to work. Fortunately the office across the parking lot had internet so several times I went over there and logged into my work email and the MLS. Spouse had breakfast with Steven & Thad and did some shopping.

We'd gotten an email from our dear friends Kerry & Hugh earlier in the week letting us know they would be in our area Sun afternoon and wanted to get together. When I got home from work on Sun they were at the house. It was great to see them! And being the always-thoughtful friends that they are, they brought us a beautiful vase of flowers to try and cheer us up. They have a strong attachment to their dog, Chopper, so they were particularly sensitive to Jordan's passing on Fri. However, the strange thing about it was the colors: purple and white. You see, I'm not so fond of multi-colored flower arrangements. They are often too 'busy' for my taste, so when I order flowers from a florist I always specify "any shades of purple plus white". I think this request makes for a more sophisticated arrangement. When I saw the flowers Kerry & Hugh brought, I asked them whether or not I'd told them of my flower color preference, and they said no. In fact, Kerry then said she'd originally picked up a multi-colored arrangement, but then put it back in favor of the purples and white. Weird, huh?

We visited for a little while at home, then had an early dinner at Ocean Point Grill. It was really nice to spend a little time with Kerry & Hugh and get caught up on the goings on of our mutual friends. It was a great way to end a rather unremarkable weekend.

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