Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend highlights

Sat morning I woke up with pretty bad sinus congestion. Of course my 1st thought was "Just let me get through tonight's Legends show before I really get sick". I popped a couple of ibuprofen since I didn't have anymore Mucinex-D and went to work. When I got home from work I practiced my Neil Diamond medley several times in preparation for the show, then Spouse & I had dinner at Iguana Grill with Steven & Thad, Joe P, and 1 of the Bobs. I left them behind and made my way to the Blue Moon to get ready the show. This time not only did I have to get into my costume but also my 70s shag wig! Here's me in my finale costume with Steven after the show.
Too bad the photo doesn't show the shag wig very well. The show went well and the audience was quite engaged. Joe P took these short videos.

I was off on Sun. I'd hope to go to the beach but the weather was cloudy and overcast so we decided not to go. Instead we met Steven & Thad for breakfast at the Long Neck Diner. Afterward the 4 of us met Joe P at his community pool and hung out for a while. It sprinkled a little so we huddled under an umbrella, then it stopped. It was nice to just hang out and talk. Later that evening we had dinner with Steven & Thad and went for a walk on the boardwalk. On the way home we stopped at the drug store to get sinus congestion medication but I didn't feel like waiting in line for more than 15 minutes while both pharmacists went back and forth with a woman about some $2. refund. That night I didn't sleep well. I woke up hot, so when I got up to pee I turned on the fan, then went back to bed. I had a nightmare about trying to dial 911 on a cell phone with no numbers on the buttons while a man was trying to shoot me! I tried to yell but nothing would come out.

This morning I got my sinus medication and am finally starting to get some relief. I hope this clears up soon because Wed night is the finale of the Rehoboth Idol contest. I need to be in top form so I can perform 2 songs.

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Ron said...

My spy told me you WERE GOOD. In fact I think he was pleasantly surprised at the quality of your siging voice. You are a man of many talents Mark. Go for it! And hey C-H-E-C-K O-U-T T-H-A-T W-I-G! Awesome!