Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Celebrity encounter

Today I took my lunch hour to attend the coaching session for Rehoboth Idol contestants. Contestants sing the song they will sing later on that night and judge Pamala Stanley offers advice about the vocals and stage presence. Its great to get that kind of assistance BEFORE the night of the actual competition.

When I arrived I saw Pamala, 2 other contestants, and some of the bar employees. Then I noticed a nice looking Asian man in shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt who seemed familiar to me.
He wasn't an employee and he didn't appear to be a contestant; I really didn't know what he was doing at our coaching session. I decided not to allow myself to be further distracted from my purpose by thinking about him and instead reminded myself not to put my hands in my pockets when I sang.

When the contestant finished singing and Pamala had given her advice, the familiar-looking Asian man began offering the singer advice too. Then it hit me... he was this week's guest judge, Telly Leung from Glee! Telly plays Wes, 1 of the Dalton Academy Warblers.
From left to right above: Blaine (Darren Cris), an unknown Warbler, Kurt (Chris Colfer), Wes (Telly Leung).

When it was my turn to sing and receive coaching, Telly shook my hand and introduced himself to me. He was very warm, nice, and down-to-earth, and his advice to put my weight on the balls of my feet instead of on my heels was a great tip. It forces you to lean forward and really helps a singer connect with the audience. Although I felt confident in my song for that night, Pamala and Telly's coaching made me feel even better.

I left the coaching session feeling really well-prepared for that night's competition, and I'd met a real live Broadway and TV star!


John Going Gently said...

I almot walked into sigourney weaver on seventh avenue NY once

all I could say is


Mind Of Mine said...

Deffo one of the hottest asian guys

Ron said...

Wow! I am impressed. You are definitely living too good of a life. Let's hear some bad news. :)

Hushpuppy212 said...

I caught Telly Leung's act at the Laurie Beechman theatre in New York. Aside from being too handsome for words, he's extremely talented. He was terrific in Brodway's 'Flower Drum Song' and 'Pacific Overtures' as well. It's great to hear he's also a nice guy.

Jake said...

Is it just my computer or are your posts being received late by everyone? The latest post dated June 8 showed up today, June 13 and was not there on June 12 when I checked your blog.