Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rehoboth Idol finale

This is it: the finale of the Rehoboth Idol singing contest. The night's mission for me was to pull out all the stops and really show that I am a performer, not just a singer.

The hostess, Miss Richfield 1981, explained that the order of performance for this week was determined by our rankings from last week, starting with the 2 who tied for 3rd place, followed by the 2nd place contestant, followed by me. Here's the songs we performed in the disco-themed portion:
  • Tom - "Hot Stuff" (originally performed by Donna Summer)
  • Amber - "Hot Stuff" (originally performed by Donna Summer)
  • Terry - "I Will Survive" (originally performed by Gloria Gaynor)
  • Me - "Night Fever" (originally performed by the Bee Gees)
I've been battling sinus congestion since Sun so I felt tired and drained at the coaching session that afternoon. I was told by the coach that I needed to move around the stage and add some choreography to my song. So that afternoon I watched the "Night Fever" video on YouTube with clips from the song's appearance in the film "Saturday Night Fever" to get inspiration. At home I practiced moving around the stage and added several recognizable disco moves to my routine, including the bus stop dance and John Travolta's signature 'point-up, point-across-the-body'. It felt like just enough choreography to enhance the song but not be distracting to me or the audience.

I sang "Night Fever" in falsetto as the Bee Gees did, except for the bridge. Like the original, I sang "...and that sweet city woman, she moves through the lights, controlling my mind and my soul" in my regular voice, then went back to falsetto for the rest. Although fatigued from sinus medication, my adrenaline kicked in and I gave it everything I had.
The audience and judges loved it!

Then we were onto the 2nd part of the competition which was a song from any genre. The order of performance was by age, from oldest to youngest, so here's what we sang:
  • Tom - "You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like This" (originally performed by Toby Keith)
  • Me - "Its Too Late" (originally performed by Carole King)
  • Amber - "Angel" (originally performed by Aretha Franklin)
  • Terry - a song originally performed by Beyonce that I can't identify
Since there was just 1 song before I sang again, I quickly changed out of my disco outfit into an all black outfit for my 2nd number.

After each of us sang our 2nd song we received feedback from the judges on both songs. Most of it was very complimentary and affirming.

Then the judges went to deliberate and tally their scores while the audience was treated to a performance by Carla Jones, Rehoboth Idol 2010. She did an amazing job singing Chaka Kahn's "Ain't Nobody". Although I didn't attend any of the Rehoboth Idol 2010 performances, it was easy to see why she won last year. She's got a great voice, lots of vocal control, and is beautiful.

Then judges returned to their seats and Miss Richfield 1981 called all 4 contestants onto the stage and explained that 1 of the owners of the Blue Moon, Tim Ragan, would deliver the results. Tim came onto the stage with a huge check, like they show in those Publishers Clearing House commercials, with the name covered up. He explained that the judging was very hard since the contestants were all so good. They decided not to give rankings, but to just select the winner.

Miss Richfield 1981 said "Well, don't keep me in suspense! Who is it? Who's the winner of Rehoboth Idol 2011???"

As he uncovered the name on the giant check for $1000. he said "Mark!!".

Miss Richfield 1981 took my hand and directed me to the front of the stage where Tim gave me the huge check. The audience cheered and I saw camera flashes coming from every direction so I smiled and tried not to look crazy. I often don't look good in candid photos. Miss Richfield 1981 congratulated all the contestants on a job well done and we congratulated each other. The judges joined us on stage and we closed the contest by singing "Dancing Queen".

When the song ended it was group photo time on the stage. Again, camera flashes right and left. Although I'm not very photogenic, it was actually fun/exciting to be photographed like that, as if the paparazzi were vying for the best shot.

When the mayhem subsided I joined my friends Steven & Thad, Joe P, Kim, and The Bobs who had come to support me. They congratulated me and we talked for a few minutes. Then I got a bottle of water and talked to some other friends and several strangers who stopped me to chat.

It was an AMAZING night and I am SO HAPPY that Claritan-D kicked in. I'll add photos once I get them from Joe P, so check this post again tomorrow.

In addition to winning the $1000. cash prize and the title Rehoboth Idol 2011, I will also be given opportunities to be paid to perform in other Blue Moon shows for the next year. I think I'm going to have a good time!


Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS! But how are you going to get around with two broken legs?

Great job really. Do I see a trip to Broadway tryouts in your future?

anne marie in philly said...


so, where are you going to spend your winnings?

Sam said...

Congratulations! We need pictures!

I saw Miss Richfield 1981 in Provincetown a few years ago. I loved her show.

Peter Maria said...

Congrats! You must be as good of a performer as you are a writer; I've really enjoyed your recaps of the contest.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! You seem to have the spirit to move forward in this enterprise.

Victor said...

Well done!

wcs said...

Hot Damn! Great job. Can't wait to see photos. Are there any videos?

Bob said...

What a great thing!

Pippo Big said...
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Sam said...

I'm totally blogging about this.

Mike, Studio City said...

And I am totally adding you to my faves.

Ron said...

A star, right in our midst. Wow! I am very impressed. I didn't know we had such talent right under our noses. Congratulations!

Don Voth said...

WOW!!!! Congrats. Although I've never heard you sing, this proves how great you are!!!! Hope to sometime soon.

Mistress Maddie said...

Very nice indeed! And you worried for nothing!

the cajun said...

Congrats! And the story well told. Glad you had a great time with it.