Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Close to a year ago I was chatting on Facebook with an old high school friend Keri who was also a member of the jazz/show choir called 'Dominants' with me. Keri said she had run into our old director Debbie at the gym and got her email address. I got Debbie's email address but didn't write to her for nearly a year. I wanted to reconnect with her as an adult and tell her what a strong, positive influence she had on me. I wanted to tell her that I actually used everything I learned in her classes. I wanted her to know how highly all the former 'Dominants' speak of her on the Facebook page. I wanted her to know she made an important impact on my life, but wasn't sure where to start.

So just last Fri I was chatting with 2 other former members of 'Dominants' when 1 of them asked if I knew where Debbie was living, since she had retired. I shared with these 2 friends Debbie's email address, which made me stop for a few minutes and wonder why I hadn't emailed her yet. So I did.

The next day Debbie wrote back and said that she was "thrilled" to hear from me. After all the students she'd had in the 27 years since I graduated, I wasn't completely sure she'd remember me, but she did. She reminded me of "one of the highlights" of her career, which was the visit from Kirby Shaw, the distinguished vocal jazz composer/arranger/singer. She also said she certainly hoped I was using my "wonderful musical talents" in some way. (I always feel bad when someone from my musical past wants to know what I'm doing musically these days and I have to tell them 'nothing'.)

The next day on the beach I was introduced by a mutual friend to Bruce. It turns out that Bruce lives in the same town in VA where my high school is located. In fact, not only did both of us go to that same high school, we were there at the same time! He was a freshman the year I was a senior. As a joke I said "You might remember me, I was in 'Dominants'..." since 'Dominants' was the elite vocal jazz and show choir in the state. Being in 'Dominants' made you almost as cool as being on the varsity football team. Well, I guess I shouldn't have been surprised we he replied that he, too, was in 'Dominants' after I had graduated. Of course he asked if I knew anything about Debbie's whereabouts, so I told him about my recent email and her response.

While I'm at the beach talking to Bruce, a guy named Wes emailed me. (I read it later that evening.) He said he met Debbie at the gym and when she learned that he was looking for a singer for his gospel quartet, she highly recommended me. Of course she didn't know at the time that I lived in DE, so when I wrote back to Wes I explained that important detail.

So let's recap. Although I'd had Debbie's email address for about a year, I finally write to her on Fri. The next day she writes back. The next day I meet Bruce, another former student of hers, and later I get an offer to audition for a paid singing group due to a recommendation from Debbie.

Is it all just coincidence? I'm not sure. But if it isn't, what does it all mean?

Is the Universe trying to get me to find a creative musical outlet?

I really don't want to sing gospel music, even if I did live in VA. I really, really want to sing a capella vocal jazz but have no prospects for doing so at this time. But maybe if I 'put myself out there' the Universe will help me connect with people who have the same interest.

Which brings me to another coincidence, or not.

Sun on the beach Bryan & Jason and Vince invited me & Spouse to come out with them this Thurs night for karaoke, since it will be Vince's last opportunity before leaving the area. We agreed, so I will be singing karaoke this Thurs, which kind of goes along with the idea of 'putting myself out there' where I might find others who may want to sing jazz with me.

Coincidences? Hopefully time will tell.

Crush du Jour: Braden Baade


Sean said...

Maybe singing is the spark you're looking for?

Mechadude2001 said...

I think "coincidences" happen when we listen to our inner voices. So yes, walk in that path.

RAD said...

FIGARO!!! Do it

Steve said...

And drinks were a dollar