Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday fragments

Welcome to Friday fragments, my weekly recap of topics too big to forget, yet too small to be their own post.

For some reason, all the funny stuff I've gotten this week from my regular suppliers has been sex-related. This one comes from Jared, and gave me a real chuckle.
This one also came from Jared and had me rolling on the floor laughing!!
My friend Jason sent me this funny faux pas. You just KNOW he regretted saying that as soon as the words came out of his mouth. I like how the woman thanks him for 'clarifying' that!

Last evening Spouse & I took Big Ella to a 'cruise-in', sponsored by TGIFriday. Car enthusiasts bring their cars to the designated part of the parking lot for the public's viewing pleasure. I think TGIFriday bartenders pick their favorite and award a restaurant gift card but I'm not certain. They'll have these 'cruise-ins' every Thurs evening throughout the summer so it will be nice to show off Big Ella once in a while.

We finally heard back this morning regarding the offer we submitted last weekend for the investment condo. At the time there was just 1 other offer on the table, and the listing indicated the bank would review offers immediately. Apparently they were lying, as they notified our realtor today (5 days later) that they have 7 offers as of today. We decided to increase our offer a bit to improve our chances. I'm not very hopeful so we will keep looking.

Tomorrow my neighbors and I are having a yard sale. I'm not doing it so much for the money, but rather as a chance to de-clutter. The problem is that Spouse doesn't want to sell anything he still likes. I reminded him that selling stuff at a yard sale doesn't mean you don't like it anymore, it just means you don't need to own it anymore. Hopefully he won't try to keep everything I pull out of the attic.

Crush du Jour: Peter Obsas


John Gray said...

who is dave dundar? couldnt find anything on the net!!

anne marie in philly said...

I get first dibs on the hairy crush! WOOF!

cb said...

Fortunately I've been on the receiving end like the cartoon woman... and without the punch!