Saturday, September 05, 2009

Addition update - week 12

Week 12
This was a bit of a 'slow' week on the addition, so there aren't many photos. Hopefully progress will be faster and more visible next week.

Mon: The drywall finisher put 'mud' and tape on the drywall joints, a process he would repeat several more times throughout the week. The acrylic block window was delivered.
The siding was added to the sides of the dormer.
Tues: Painting of the topcoat (same color) on the siding was started. The siding was pre-painted, but a topcoat is added for durability and to cover the installation nails. The drywall finishing process continued.
Wed: More siding painting, and more drywall finishing. The acrylic block window was installed in shower. It is covered in bubble wrap and red tape to protect it.
Thurs: More siding painting, and more drywall finishing.
Fri: The application of the tan siding is complete, and the scallop siding was replaced (lower right of the diamond window). The scallop siding had been removed to accommodate the 2nd floor of the addition.

Crush du Jour: Joshua Sarrazola


Anonymous said...

It's coming along very nicely. Next thing is paint, flooring and done!

Java said...

The glass block is installed!!! That is, to me, the most exciting part of the whole addition. I'm a fool for some glass block. (ok, acrylic, but still...)

Steve said...

Great ending!

Good luck with the rest of your renovation!

Jeve (aka John and Steve) said...

Great ending indeed!

Joy said...

I look forward to this and hope you'll continue all through the decorating. It's looking great!

Stephen said...

Does the work continue while you are in Portland?

Will said...

We have a glass block wall panel in our shower--it's a really great addition, although ours is a standard rectangle, not step-topped like yours.

Beth said...

I love the glass block..and it's all coming together so great. not much longer now, huh?

Give spouse a big kiss for me, will ya?

love ya!